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Born in Saigon, Vietnam and raised in Paris, New York and Los Angeles, Danvy Pham is a self-taught painter whose work explores sensuality, vulnerability, sexuality and playfulness in expressive and erotic paintings. The raw alchemy captured in each piece reflects her endless search to understand herself as well as her deep compassion for the human experience.

Pham arrived at painting in her early thirties while studying with the late voice and acting coach Laura Heart. Through Heart’s mentorship, Pham was able to push past her own boundaries and excavate to find unearthed authenticity within her creative practice. Through observation and intuition, Pham connects intimately with each subject, peeling away layers to expose a vital essence. By using a dynamic blend of oil pastels, watercolor and charcoal, each painting captures a thrilling dance of shifting forms, physical vibrations and exuberant colors. 

'I am fascinated by the exploration of how our stories of conception, our childhoods, and our traumas affect us and our relationship with others. I use painting to conjure these stories of origin in search of a deeper understanding of humankind.’ 

-Danvy Pham